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BY-GEN - 2 Wheeler Engine Oil

GP BY-GEN motorcycle lubricants are high-performance motor oils developed specifically for motorcycle two and four-stroke engines. It meets stringent requirements of motorcycle manufacturers with large performance reserves. It is suitable for use in all air- and liquid-cooled four-stroke motorcycle and scooter engines. Optimal lubrication of transmissions and clutches lubricated by motor oil circulation is one its highlights. Strong lubrication film and high oxidization stability provide excellent high-temperature resistance. Fast oil supply to all engine parts results in optimal anti-wear properties especially important in this temperature range and in strong, long-term engine protection in short-distance driving and in continuous operation. GP BY-GEN prevents piston and valve deposits as well as slipping or sticking clutches after cold start.

Product Group SAE Specs API Spces Packing
2 Stroke SAE 30 / SAE40 – 2T SJ 12 x 800ML, 12x1L, 4x4L
4 Stroke SAE 20W40 / SAE20W50 – 4T SG