• What We Do

  • General Petroleum’s range of automotive, industrial and marine lubricants are manufactured to international standards. It holds various API certifications as well as OEM approvals and is blended at ISO Certified plants.


GP PETROGEN Fully Synthetic multi-grade motor oils are superior quality, all season high performance products formulated from high quality synthetic base fluids and high...

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GP INGEN INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS are multipurpose lubricating and circulating fluids, designed to protect equipment from corrosion, rust and foaming...

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GP MARGEN MARINE LUBRICANTS are premium quality, highly alkaline diesel engine oils formulated with premium base oils and a very specially selected additive package...

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Greasgen Lithium is multipurpose lithium base grease made from refined mineral oil thickened with lithium soap, anti oxidation and anti rust additives.It possess good water...

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GP in Society

GP has contributed its might to improve society’s lot in various parts of the world. As a Corporate, it is dedicated to lend a helping hand to the downtrodden living in difficult...

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In our race to attain the premier position in the industry, we have not forgotten our social responsibility as a corporate citizen.The Health and safety of our employees ...

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About Us

General Petroleum GmbH is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany with its operations spanning four continents from Europe, through the Middle East, Asia, Africa to Australia.

The company’s global Head Quarters and regional offices for Europe are based in Frankfurt, Germany, while it’s Middle East, Asia and Africa headquarters is in the United Arab Emirates.

Refinig Mobility

Our Vision is to develop into an integrated multi-dimensional organization with technology and expertise to provide petroleum products and services of value, thereby making us the choice supplier to customers around the globe.

We believe in the dictum “Together we Conquer” when it comes to our relationship with the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE ORGANIZATION – THE CUSTOMER. Our core mission is to ensure exceptional service to our customers, which will in turn help us achieve our global vision.

Our core values are consciously held and consistently applied. They are the standards of excellence we strive to achieve both as a successful business enterprise and as a corporate citizen. Our actions are driven by four core values: Business Integrity, Sense of Responsibility, Quality Consciousness and Customer Service


Quality Certificates

Our products hold API certifications as well as OEM approvals and are blended at ISO certified plants in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Following are the certificates/approvals which reflects Internation Brands trust on General Petroleum Products.

Corporate Video


Culture Event in Kabul by GP
General Petroleum, Afghanistan sponsor Culture and Literature event in Afghanistan. Number of literary and culture expert participated in this evening
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GP Sponsor Afghan Disability Cricket
Indo-Afghan Twenty20 Friendship Cup, 2017. Six Days preparation camp organized for the team Kabul International Stadium and night practice session
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Drivers Orientation – Uganda
Young Drivers at Orientation Workshop – Kampala, Uganda Right Engine Oil for Right Car can save you! General Petroleum Uganda
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